Doragon Water

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Kimino Yuzu Sparkling Water undergoes a dramatic metamorphosis to emerge as Kimono Doragon — embodying the fierce elegance of the dragon. This redesign embraces a bolder, deeper essence of Japan. Witness the artistry behind the evolution with our timelapse.

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Our vision

Barron & Folly stands at the crossroads of vintage allure and contemporary minimalism. A branding agency that redefines professional sophistication.

Inspired by the classic charm of a retro whiskey lounge, our brand resonates with the warmth and elegance of the 1960s, yet is seamlessly intertwined with the clarity and simplicity of modern design.

At Barron & Folly, we believe in the power of simplicity; our minimalistic approach is not just a design choice, but a philosophy that a great brand should be effortlessly understood and felt.

This fusion of nostalgic luxury with stark modernism reflects in every aspect of our work, crafting brand identities that are not only visually stunning but deeply resonant.

We champion the idea that true professionalism doesn't shout, but rather, speaks with an assured and timeless voice.